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What incense to light to create the perfect Christmas mood?

by | Dec 13, 2021 | News

Coming together during Christmas is always special and this year has an even greater significance, as many of us have been apart for so long. We work hard to make our homes feel festive by putting up a beautifully decorated tree, a wreath on the door, or flowers such as poinsettias inside or outside the house. We buy all our favourite treats and cook up a feast to serve for family and friends. 

All of this is to create a wonderful mood and make sure everyone feels happy and full of the Christmas spirit. In this article we look at how to go a step further and stimulate even more of the senses at Christmas. 

Don’t forget to pay as much attention to how things smell, as well as how they look. It has been shown that smell triggers emotional responses and is a primal sense which really affects how we feel. Certain aromas can bring back vivid memories, or simply make us feel happier or more comfortable. 

At Christmas the scent of pine coming from your tree, baking cookies or a roasting turkey will naturally fill your home with a lovely festive smell. However, all the food smells can accumulate, along with pets or smokers and start to bring a less desirable scent to your celebrations. This is where the clever use of both ventilation and incense, candles or essential oils can create the perfect mood and make your guests feel great. 

Know your aromas 

Master perfumiers balance scents to create moods and cause attraction and desire and you can use the same science when you’re choosing what incense to use. Try citrus notes to boost your mood, minty flavours for freshness and stimulation, lavender for calm, rosemary for nourishment and healing and rose for feminine energy. 

However, smell is a highly personal sense so before the big day experiment with different scents. Try plant aromas, flowers or food, or different essential oils or incense and see how it makes you feel. That way you can vary the scents throughout the day and for different events, to either invigorate and energise or give a feeling of warmth, comfort and welcoming.

What are the aromas of Christmas?

Pine freshness from the tree is definitely a powerful scent which you can support and boost with incense or essential oils. You can also bring pine branches into your decorations, by using them for both colour and scent on your mantelpiece, wreath or even as part of your table decorations. 

Spices and herbs such as vanilla, ginger and cinnamon transport us back to our childhood and bring back wonderful memories for many, as well as being very warming and relaxing scents. There are many scented candles which bring these smells to the fore when you’re not baking. 

Mulled wine is both delicious and fragrant and provides a real smell and taste of Christmas. Having a pot slowly warming on the stove as part of a drinks party, is a great way to infuse the house (and your guests) with Christmas spirit. 

Every family and person will have a unique scent map of their Christmas holidays, relating to what they do over the holidays, as well as what food they enjoy at this time of year. So, try and identify your triggers and don’t be afraid to look for scented candles, wax melts, incense or items in your home which hit those festive notes. You’ll be surprised by how much it can affect how you feel and help everyone to get in the mood! 

What incense would we recommend having as part of your Christmas tool belt?

To set the scene for people arriving, especially when it’s cold outside, we love the warming, gentle fragrance of copal gold. It is also great if you play games over the holidays, as it aids with mental clarity and stimulates creativity and imagination. 

The most iconic incenses at Christmas time have to be frankincense and myrrh. These highly prized resins were so precious that they cost more than gold and were famously brought from far away lands and presented to the baby Jesus by the two of the three kings. 

Myrrh is an uplifting and energising incense which fortifies and revitalizes the spirit. The resin gives off a cleansing smoke, with scientifically proven anti-microbial properties, so it works wonders for those winter ailments. 

Frankincense was not only given to Jesus, but also included in the incense mix given to Moses. It is vital as part of many religious ceremonies so it works brilliantly accompanied by the sounds of Christmas carols. It’s scent is very festive also as you can pick up the pine, citrus and spice notes which are so associated with this time of year. 

Last but not least, sage features heavily in Christmas cooking and so burning white sage works really well at Christmas, adding an aromatic smoke to the room and purifying the air. It is also said to have medicinal uses, so if there are a few coughs and colds around the dinner table, this is a good choice to burn at the end of the meal. 

We’re here to help you choose the perfect incense for any time of year, or any occasion, so please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling +34611305929 or emailing [email protected] with any questions you may have. 

From all of us at Sirius Herbal – We Wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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