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We always offer a freshly harvested product. Our Mimosa Hostilis batches are harvested, processed and shipped to your door.

Common Name: Mimosa, Jurema, Jurema preta, Vinho da Jurema, M. tenuiflora, Jurema Branca, M. verrucosa.

Country of Origin: Brazil.

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Out of stock in the USA due to high demand! Only supply available in Europe.

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Botanical classification.

Common Name: Mimosa Hostilis, Jurema, Jurema preta, Vinho da Jurema, M. tenuiflora, Jurema Branca, M. verrucosa, Vermelha/Embira, M. ophthalmocentra.

Country of Origin: Brazil.

Family:  Fabaceae.

Genus:  Mimosa.

Species:  M. tenuiflora

The Aztecs already knew about the properties of the Mimosa Hostilis tree before Columbus arrived. Its local Mexican name, Tepezcohuite, is derived from the Aztec ‘tepus-cuahuitl’ or ‘metal tree’, a reference to the tree’s extremely hard wood. This tree has played a major role in the traditions of different indigenous tribes in South, Central and North America.

The fern-like branches have leaves that are Mimosa like, finely pinnate, growing to 5 cm (2.0 in) long. Each compound leaf contains 15–33 pairs of bright green leaflets 5–6 mm (0.20–0.24 in) long. The tree itself grows up to 8 m (26 ft) tall and it can reach 4–5 m (13–16 ft) tall in less than 5 years. The white, fragrant flowers occur in loosely cylindrical spikes 4–8 cm (1.6–3.1 in) long. In the northern hemisphere it blossoms and produces fruit from November to June or July.[4] In the Southern Hemisphere it blooms primarily from September to January. The fruit is brittle and averages 2.5–5 cm (0.98–1.97 in) in length. Each pod contains 4–6 seeds that are oval, flat, light brown and 3–4 mm (0.12–0.16 in) in diameter. There are about 145 seeds/1 g (0.035 oz). In the Southern Hemisphere, the fruit ripens from February to April. The tree's bark is dark brown to gray. It splits lengthwise and the inside is reddish brown.

Mimosa Hostilis is also playing a part in the latest trend for natural clothes dyes. One has only to look at the brilliant colours of mimosa plant soaps to see the range of colours that catch the eye, and are therefore also perfect for fabrics. A lot of people around the world already do this, especially in Mexico and Brazil. All you have to do is add some mimosa hostilis root bark powder to boiling water and add your clothes, and after some time, you will see surprising results, such as cool, vibrant purple and brown shades.

There are a lot of uses of this shrub ranging from the production of fuel to dyeing of fabrics, and it is a valuable food source for animals, especially herbivores, thanks to its high quantity of protein and nutrients.

Sirius Herbal sources its Mimosa Hostilis from a company that has 20+ years of experience in harvesting and processing. We only offer a freshly harvested product, and our batch is harvested, processed and shipped to Spain.

Sirius Herbal is an online supplier of herbs and herbal products. We provide an international delivery service worldwide, including to Australia, New Zealand, the USA, South America, Asia, Africa and across Europe.

The Herb here is strictly offered as a natural dye and botanical specimen.
Not for consumption. Consult the disclaimer before you order.
This product has not been approved by the FDA for consumption or health benefits.

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17 reviews for Mimosa Hostilis OUT OF STOCK in USA!

  1. Maurin Chronister

    Not only is this the most beautiful purple dye I’ve ever seen in my life of using this product from other vendors, but they had it shipped to me in 3 days flat all the way from Denmark! Talk about Grade A service.
    I had some questions that I called and asked about before placing my order and the person who picked up was very helpful and answered everything I needed with no confusion.
    Will definitely be ordering more, the purple it produces is nothing short of beautiful. Thanks Sirius Herbal!

  2. Joshua Long

    Very straightforward purchase with super quick shipping. Excellent price. Will purchase from Sirius Herbal again.

  3. Aaron Cagle

    The quality of this dye is beyond comprehension! Perfectly shredded, fresh, vacuum packed, and a deep purple color comes out of this MHRB.

  4. Ralph Baldelli

    Sirius has been, and continues to offer only the highest quality bark! The purples are very deep, the shipping is fast, payment is easy, and the customer service is flawless. Not to mention super cheap! I only use these guys!

  5. Jason Coffman

    You will not be disappointed. The customer service was excellent whenever I had stupid questions they never made me feel stupid. Top notch supplier and top notch quality!

  6. Jon Dunn

    very very fast delivery and a great product i will be shopping here in the future thanks.

  7. Hanne Skattum

    Unbelievable fast delivered, very nice. Best quality dye. Real enjoy to do business with you. Thank you.

  8. Marc swanson

    The vendor is very trustworthy and honest product as described not to mention great customer service answered all my questions and was very patient with me I will be a repeat customer and would recommend this vendor. Hands down the best I’ve ever seen.

  9. Victor Dam Krogsgaard

    Excellent product

  10. Luke Kelada

    The MHRB came very fast within a few business days. I live in the USA and it got through customs perfectly without any headache. I highly recommend to all family and friends.

  11. Kamal Benjamin

    Despite some delay, the product came in fast! The quality looks amazing, can’t wait to test them.

  12. Fredrik ?stby

    Perfect !!!!

  13. Carlos Andujar

    Ordered on Thursday, received my package (in the US) on Monday! Item as described. Good communication. Thank you very much.

  14. J?rgen Jacobsen

    I think this i both very cheap and good product. came vacuum packed, but no label and no expiration date. Next time I order I hope some of it is labeled, since some things can be mistaken.

  15. Anthony Johnson

    The product is excellent and I received excellent service. The shipping was very fast, and I would recommend the product and distributor to others without hesitation.

  16. Brian John (verified owner)

    Very colourful.

  17. Dav?? Freyr (verified owner)

    The bark was recieved in good condition and came quite quickly even though every thing is more or less shut down do to the Corona virus, The product was more potent then expected and i can in all honestly say it was worth every cent, i would recommend this vendor over others i have shopped with in the past all around a great product. And a great vendor track and trace all the way and nice staff.

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