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Cat's Claw

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Latin name: Unicaria tomensosa

Common Name: Cat’s Claw, Vilcacora, Uña de gato.

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Botanical classification.

Latin name: Unicaria tomentosa

Common Name: Cat’s claw, Vilcacora, Uña de gato.

Country of Origin: Peru

Family: Rubiaceae

Genus: Unicaria

Species: U. tomentosa


Cat's Claw (Unicaria tomentosa) is a vine wood which grows in the tropical jungles of South America. The native people of South America have been used it as a traditional medicine, known to treat: arthritis, bursitis, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and stomach disorder and known for common herbal supplement.


The Herb here is strictly offered as natural dye and botanical specimen.

Not for consumption. Consult the disclaimer before you order.

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