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Banisteriopsis Caapi Yellow

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Latin name: Banisteriopsis Caapi.

Common Name: Yage, Cielo, Caapi, Yaje.


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Botanical classification

Latin name: Banisteriopsis Caapi.

Common Name: Yage, Cielo, Caapi, Yaje.

Country of Origin: Peru.

Family: Malpighiaceae.

Genus: Banisteriopsis.

Species: Caapi, Inebriens.


Our yellow Banisteriopsis caapi comes from Peru and the vine grows in the Amazon rain forest of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil. Tribes from these regions have used it for its healing powers for thousands of years, and it has a number of interesting characteristics and properties that have attracted worldwide attention.

The Banisteriopsis vine has a distinctive appearance, with a circular twisting shape with many branches and leaves, and grows to an average height of 40 ft. Its small flowers are white and pink when in bloom, creating a magical sight in the rainforest. The plant has small, fan-like seeds that are green in colour, but turn brown when dried. It thrives in humus-rich, moist soil that is fed with lots of water, such as in the Amazonian rainforest and similar warm tropical environments

First mention of caapi comes from early Spanish and Portuguese explorers and missionaries who visited South America in the 16th century. Although utilized among the indigenous tribes of South America for hundreds and perhaps even thousands of years, caapi was not identified by Westerners until 1851, when Richard Spruce, an English botanist, described it as a new species.


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The Herb here is strictly offered as a natural dye and botanical specimen.

Not for consumption. Consult the disclaimer before you order.

This product has not been approved by the FDA for consumption or health benefits.

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