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  • Palo Santo

    Scientific Name: Burserea Graveolens. Common Name: Palo Santo, Holy Wood. Country of Origin: South America, most notably the tropical forests of Peru. Aroma Description: Warm, delicately sweet, rosy-woodsy.

    606,40 DKK
  • White Sage

    Latin name: Salvia apiana Common Name: White sage, Bee Sage, California White Sage, Sacred Sage, Salvarial Country of Origin: Coastal regions of southern California, USA.

    606,40 DKK
  • Cobal Gold
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    Cobal Gold

    Latin name: Protium Crassipetalum. Common Name: Copaiba, Copal, Copal Oro, Balsam Copaiba, Copaiva, Jesuit's Balsam, Copalli, Pinus Dammara. Country of Origin: Malaysia, Sumatra, Philippines, Borneo, Australia, Moluccas.

    166,00 DKK
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