Who is SiriusHerbal?

SiriusHerbal is part of an organization, the organization is a gathering of souls that works with ethnobotanicals, Incenses, spiritual tools, shamanism and ceremonies. The organization have been working worldwide with import and export of these products since 2012. Our roots go all around the world. The organization’s main philosophy is to provide a concept based on natural balance between the purchase price and the customer price. The products should be available for all without having to pay overprice.


What sets us apart?

SiriusHerbal has two decades of experience with the products we offer. We are working directly with souls of high vibration, such as farmers, botanists, shamans, and indigenous tribes who harvest and process the products. Farmers work with great respect for the life of plants and nature and make sure nature takes as little harm as possible by our presence.
Reforestation and cultivation are two words that weight heavily in our choosing of suppliers.
People in the organization are spiritual minded souls with a passion for ethnobotanicals, incense and shamanic tools for ceremonies.

We keep our vibration high in our way of life and mindset, the products are not harmed by any negative vibration. The storage rooms and property are protected by orgonite and orgonite pyramids, so negative entities can’t enter.

Our passion is to be part of the raising consciousness on the planet. That is why for us the ceremonies meaning is important.  Through help from the ethnobotanicals and spiritual tools, we can make that happen.



Commited to Quality

SiriusHerbal ensures that our products and services meet or exceed our customer's expectations by complying with our client’s feedbacks and wishes. 
We make sure we only source the highest quality products that we can find. Our products are selected after passing a range of criteria.
The products are nature’s best quality, Non-Gmo and directly from the farmers market.
All products go through spiritual cleansing before entering the property.
We use Orgonite to protect products from negative interties.