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  • Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark
    Natural Dye (Purple)

    We offer MHRB from a company that has +10 years of experience in harvesting and processing.We always offer a freshly harvested product, our batch is harvested, processed and shipped to Denmark. Common Name: Mimosa, Jurema, Jurema preta, Vinho da Jurema, M. tenuiflora, Jurema Branca, M. verrucosa. Country of Origin: Brazil.

    725,96 DKK
    (5/5) on 14 rating(s)
  • Syrian Rue
    Natural Dye (Black)

    Latin name: Peganum Harmala. Common Name:  Syrian Rue. Country of Origin: Iran.

    224,80 DKK
  • Caapi (Yellow)
    Natural Dye (Yellow)

    Latin name: Banisteriopsis Caapi. Common Name: Yage, Cielo, Caapi, Ayahuasca, Yaje. Country of Origin: Peru.

    636,80 DKK
  • Chacruna
    Natural Dye (Green)

    Latin name: Psychotria Viridis. Common Name: Chacruna. Country of Origin: South America.

    688,80 DKK
  • VaporGenie

    The VaporGenie pipe is a new revolutionary new device for vaporizing tobacco and other herbs. It uses a flame to gently heat your tobacco so that it vaporizes nicotine and flavors without burning. The VaporGenie pipe works by mixing flame with ambient air in a patented ceramic flame filter. Mixing creates gentle heat that vaporizes but does not burn.

    349,60 DKK
  • Palo Santo

    Scientific Name: Burserea Graveolens. Common Name: Palo Santo, Holy Wood. Country of Origin: South America, most notably the tropical forests of Peru. Aroma Description: Warm, delicately sweet, rosy-woodsy.

    606,40 DKK
  • Chaliponga
    Natural Dye (Brown)

    Latin name: Diplopterys cabrerana. Common Name: Chaliponga, Chagropanga, Oco-yagè. Country of Origin: South America.

    897,60 DKK
  • White Sage

    Latin name: Salvia apiana Common Name: White sage, Bee Sage, California White Sage, Sacred Sage, Salvarial Country of Origin: Coastal regions of southern California, USA.

    606,40 DKK
  • Scale calibration weights

    Scale calibration weights. 1g 5g 10g 20g 50g 100g

    51,20 DKK
  • Cobal Gold

    Latin name: Protium Crassipetalum. Common Name: Copaiba, Copal, Copal Oro, Balsam Copaiba, Copaiva, Jesuit's Balsam, Copalli, Pinus Dammara. Country of Origin: Malaysia, Sumatra, Philippines, Borneo, Australia, Moluccas.

    166,00 DKK
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